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Catcher's Mitts Come in Three Models.

All the names of the models are in the baseball vernacular. Rookie has it all; mitt, reel, towel, pliers and sheath. A five tool player if you will. We have had a little push back with that name because people weren't thinking of it in baseball terms but in general. Rookies in general are thought of as someone new to something. But in baseball, a rookie, especially in the Show, is a really good baseball player. Last year Alex Bregman was a rookie for the Houston Astros. For most of us that watched him play at LSU, he is the best player we have ever watched in person. And y'all saw what he did his second year! World Champion!

We are going to be changing this model's name to Pro though. But for awhile you may be seeing it on the shelf or in packaging as Rookie or Pro. They are the same in parts and function.

The Rookie (Pro) is available in left hand and right hand versions. You wear it on your non-dominate hand (side). So if you are in the 92% of people that are right handed you will want the Left handed model.

It also comes in a ladies version. The mitt in the ladies version is a little smaller and is trimmed in pink. There are both left and right handed versions.

The next model is the Surf & Kayak. It is designed to be worn in wet environments so it does not come with the towel. It also has grommets in the ends of the finger, thumb and mitt. The grommets let water drain out of the mitt if you are in the water fishing.

The Prospect is the basic model and does not come with the sheath and pliers. It is the basic building block of the Catcher's Mitt. You get most of the benefits: protecting your hand and keeping your hand and clothes clean, in a light, less expensive model. It is also great for cleaning fish and shucking oysters. Just like the Rookie.

Ladies love this model because it is so light weight. Anglers that use a multi-tool like a Leatherman or Gerber, use this model also. A right handed angler would wear his muti-tool on the right side and his Catcher's Mitt Prospect on the left.

Seeing the Catcher's Mitt in static product pictures don't do it justice. Like all tools their use is where the rubber meets road.

Protecting your hand:

Keeping your hand clean:

you know if you weren't wearing a Catcher's Mitt that slime would have been on your hand and you would have to reach down in the water to wash them off or would have wiped your hands on the back of your pants leg.

A lot of times you will bring in a fish and it still has a lot of fight left in him. It takes a little while for him to calm down. I call these wild wigglers. You can pin a fish to the towel with the mitt and get a good grip on the fish enabling you to get the hook out faster. The faster you can get the fish off, the faster you can get your bait back in the water. For years, before the Catcher's Mitt, I would pin the fish to my chest to get a grip on them. My wife wouldn't let me in the house when I got home because my clothes stank so bad.

Cleaning fish is always a chore. And it seems like you always get nicked by a fin, gill plate or knife blade. The duel coated mitt is tough and will protect your hand while you are transferring and cleaning fish. The mitt cleans up real fast after cleaning fish too. All the slime is and such is wet and will come right off if you spray the mitt with a hose.

They can also be used for cooking. I have used them for turning food on the grill and also for boiling crawfish. You take the lid off the crawfish one time with you bare hand and you will remember not to do that again.

The Rookie and the Surf & Kayak can also do this......

Here is a montage showing all kinds of useful ways to use your Catcher's Mitt.

You can find Catcher's Mitts at many dealers in Louisiana and Mississippi. We are looking for more dealers all across America. If you have a store and are interested in handling the Catcher's Mitt give us a call.


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