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What Customers are Saying

We love our customers' stories


"Mark and Libby, I want to tell you how awesome the Catcher’s mitt is for fishing. After lipping 5 heavy bass in Alabama last week, my thumb became very raw and smelly and began to bleed without the mitt. After locating and using your catcher's mitt on multiple bass including a 7 pounder, I no longer had that "fish smell" on my hand nor did I have a sore thumb. The attached pliers were very convenient and made removing treble hooks a cinch without getting stuck. The attachment of the mitt to your belt or pant line makes it very easy to use any and everywhere. What a neat and shrewd product you have produced.
7# baby!!!!!!"

Dr. Jerry Pocher - Lutcher, LA


"Really like the catchers mitt thanks Mark Cartwright for making a good product."

Derek McElroy


"Happy bday to me from the Catcher's Mitt from Reel Fun Enterprises. One for me and one for anyone that fishes with me to use. Have a woman's glove too. No more slimy hands! Thanks Mark and Alden Cartwright"

Miller-time Fishing Charters


"Introducing the Catcher's mitt. Alden Cartwright this set up is perfect for guides to protect your hands, measure trout quickly, and a really nice set of pliers."

Ugly Fishing, LLC


"Finally back fishing, I took some extra time off this winter and spring but what a day! We started just like we left off in December and that's with a fish slam!! My group limited on both speckled trout and redfish capt B had the rest of the group and he limited on speckled trout and a hand full of reds and drum!

I also want to thank Catcher's Mitt for our new fish mitts! I can honestly say this mitt truly saves my hands and fingers from being cut and pricked all day, not to mention no slimed hands!!"

Big Ugly Charters, LLC


"First trip out using the "Catcher's Mitt" and I never figured it was going to be this easy testing, and reviewing an item and I was not sure how I would take to wearing and using one but I absolutely loved using the "Catcher's Mitt" today. It is extremely well made, super easy to use (goes on and off your hand smooth as butter), keeps every ounce of funk off of your hands and entire body (did not use a towel to wipe my hands once this morning), having the high quality pliers right there next to the Mitt is handier than a pocket on a shirt and as I found out when I got home it is super easy to clean. Didn't think I would like what they call "the towel" (basically a shield to keep the funk on the Mitt off your pants) but I strapped it on and I was surprised how well it does what it was designed to do and I really liked it after I had used it. The glove makes it very easy to grab a slimy wiggling trout. Our biggest today was a tad over 20" and I was able to grab it with ease. Love the protection it provided my hand too when I had to grab a wiggling, twisting trout with 3 sets of treble hooks in it. So 1st trip out review on the "Catcher's Mitt" I have to give it 5 stars. I am going to like fishing with the Mitt."

Jimmy Barnes


"This is one of the best inventions for a guide or deckhand. Keeps the slime and scales off your hands. No need to use a towel or wash your hands off in the water after every fish. This is also an excellent product for anyone who just doesn't want to get his or her hands slimy."

Patric Garmeson

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