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The Mitt is also waterproof and has a crinkled texture that gives it a super grip.

Prevents loss of mitt and keeps oversized mitt snug on hand

Easy to get on and off. One finger mitt gives more dexterity and provides correct hold of catfish.

Doesn't poke your side, and holds pliers by friction, so there
is nothing to unfasten to use them

Attached with bungee to prevent loss. WILL CUT BRAIDED LINE. Scissor hinge can be taken apart and cleaned.

Velcro tabs make putting on a snap. Has a ruler on front to measure for minimum length and a towel on back

The extended lines on the ruler make measuring for minimum length fast and easy. Put the head on line and if the tail reaches the blue trim he is long enough!

Ring on mitt can be put on hook to secure mitt from being caught by wind when running down the lake. Also enables "secret feature"

With the mitt on the hook.........It is "off the hook".  It holds your favorite beverage.

The mitt grips oysters like no other.  Put the clothes protector on backwards to clean your knife.