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Our Team


Mark Cartwright


Mark started fishing with his dad on Iatt Lake in Central Louisiana when he was four. He caught his first fish, a Sac-a-lait, on a Rapala not long after that. He has been hooked on fishing ever since. He joined his first bass club when he was 13. In addition, he entered tournaments as a boater at that age! He fished in the first of his six, Top Six Tournament appearances when he was 14. 

Two years after moving to Baton Rouge in 1995, he purchased a bay boat and has been chasing speckled trout ever since. While most of his fishing has been off the Louisiana coast, he has pursued them in all the Gulf States. His specialty, when the temperature in the summer gets in the 90's or higher, is fishing for them at night in his specially rigged Kenner 23 VX. With a 2000 kw Honda generator powering a 1000 watt metal halide and one 500 watt metal halide light, cool summer nights are turned into day over various oyster reefs in the bays and lakes of south Louisiana.

He continues to work as an executive in the health care industy but spends as much time as he can tinkering in his shop to come up with products that make your time in the outdoors more pleasurable.


Libby Cartwright


I started fishing at a very young age with my grandparents in Dyersburg, Tennessee. They had a small camper on Reel Foot Lake. At that time, I thought the lake went to the second light pole from the dock. My grandfather would paddle us out there and we would fish with cane poles, holding the tip about three inches from the water. We used double hooks and would catch two at a time. 

Mark and I fished while we were dating in high school and have continued sharing that great passion. We started our children fishing at a very young age. I can remember our youngest, Alden, barely walking when we took him on his first trip. Even though he chose to throw everything out the boat, we did manage to catch a few fish. Well, he is sixteen now and the others are from 21 to 25 and we all still fish together. 

Well, our lives have settled down with the kids getting older, so we now have a fishing camp in Leeville. Mark and I go just about every weekend and the boys come down every chance they get. It is wonderful. I call it my little piece of "Heaven." 

I hope my children have as fond of memories of fishing as a child as I do, and carry this tradition on with their family. And to think, it all started in a little boat with my grandparents on Reel Foot Lake.



Captain Patric Garmeson 

Product Test Specialist/Guide

Born on August 7, 1980 in Philadelphia, PA, my mother and father introduced me to fishing at the early age of two. We would fish for bream, bass, walleye and catfish from either the bank or small boat in the lakes and reservoirs near our home.

My earliest fishing memory was crying for my mom or dad to reel in a fish for me because I thought it would pull me into the water. I believe the monster fish was about a 3# carp. At the age of five my family and I moved to Spanish Fort, AL. I have since called this area of the world my home. My dad would take my brother and I fishing from piers, of the bank, fishing bridges, and from the boat as often as he could. We were always opportunistic fisherman. We would fish for the species that was willing to bite which ever type of bait we had access.

As I grew older and made friends who fished, I began exploring other types of fishing. If I wasn’t fishing I was thinking about fishing. If I wasn’t fishing on Saturday mornings, I was watching fishing shows on TNT or TBS.

Fast Forward. At the age of 18, I purchased my first boat. This was a game changer for me. I began to grow hungry for knowledge of our fishery. The next biggest moment in my fishing career was when I joined the Alabama Coastal Fishing Association (ACFA) with a few of my good friends. This fishing club sparked the fire under my butt that I needed to get better. The ACFA has monthly fishing tournaments, and I thought I was a good angler until I went to my first tournament weigh in. I then knew I had a lot to learn.

The following year I was fortunate to win the points championship against some of the best anglers in the Mobile Bay area. Following that personal victory, I began to start showing, placing and winning area tournaments.

Life changed in 2009. I was fired from my job as a golf course superintendent. I thought golf was my career path and fishing was my hobby. Within two days of being fired, I signed up for Sea School. I was not sure if becoming a captain was going to put me on the right path, but that is what I did.

Fast Forward. I ran fishing trips between jobs and on weekends while working for an up and coming landscape company. I really enjoyed my time with the landscape company, but I really loved taking people out fishing when I had the opportunity. I decided it was time to go full time fisherman. I love it day in and day out. I think about fishing, talk about fishing, and go fishing to prepare for fishing trips.

Since going full time, I have acquired numerous pro-staff and product ambassadors deals. I have had the privilege of being a guest host on Fox Sports Outdoors with Barry Stokes and have been featured in Saltwater sportsman magazines. Being blessed with the abilities to locate and catch fish seems almost natural, and the perks of getting to work with really nice gear and equipment is absolutely a dream come true! 


Captain Rob Dupont


Capt. Rob has been fishing the coastal Louisiana marshes and offshore waters of lower Terrebonne Parish for nearly 20 years. His extensive knowledge of Dularge trout fishing along with consistently finding fish allows his customers to be confident they will enjoy their day on the water. His personality and hospitality keeps everyone coming back! 

Whether you are looking for inshore speckled trout and redfish or any offshore species the Gulf of Mexico has to offer, Capt. Rob will make sure you have the most memorable and quality experience available in South Louisiana! 

This is as real as it gets. Wind in your face. Sunrise over the marsh as you enter the easy waves of the Gulf of Mexico. It just doesn't get any better! With the best fishing in the world not very far from Cocodrie, LA - come experience the adventure of a lifetime with Impulse Fishing Charters!

my pic.jpg

Captain Billy Howell


After moving my family to the Alabama Gulf Coast 5 years ago, I became addicted to the salt life. Over the past 4 years, I have spent 60-90 days a year on the water in my spare time learning the waters and techniques required to be successful fishing the Gulf and Bay Waters. The Alabama Gulf Coast is loaded with habitat and people who love to fish which creates a huge network of friends.  After taking friends and family fishing for a couple years, I decided I wanted to be able offer these special adventures to tourists so I started Bent Outfitters in 2015.  I chose the word / name Bent because it represents more than just what the rod looks like when a fish is hooked but that feeling of adrenaline and excitement that comes over you when the fish is hooked up.  My personal favorite fishing is fall and winter fishing in the delta but my charters are primarily in the Gulf of Mexico for Reef and Pelagics.

Bent Outfitters Fishing offers fun-filled family oriented fishing charters in the coastal waters of Alabama and on the Gulf of Mexico. Alabama is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, historical landmarks and best fishing in the Southern USA.  Bent Outfitters Fishing specializes in family friendly, bottom fishing year round on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico for Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Triggerfish, Cobia, King Mackerel, Spanish mackerel and Bonita as well as inshore charters on the coastal waters of Alabama

More information can be found on our website at or our facebook page @bentoutfittersfishing

Billy Howell

U.S.C.G. Licensed captain and avid angler


Captain Ronnie Daniels

Product Test Specialist/Guide

Growing up on the MS Gulf Coast provided a lot of opportunities outdoors, primarily fishing. As a young man on the coast I took advantage of every one of those opportunities that I could. Whether it was someone’s pond I managed to get permission to fish, a trip to one of the many piers, or a trip to the islands to wad fish I was going to be there. After graduating from Long Beach High School and attending MGCCC I took over the family business. I successfully ran our car dealership for 15 years. The years were great but I always longed for my childhood dream to fish for a living.

In 2012 I formed Fisher-Man Guide Service and went to school for my captains license. The spring of 2013 brought excitement and uncertainty. Now, entering the spring of 2017 I look back at it as the best decision I have made other than marrying my wife.

Although I do not have a lot of time to tournament fish anymore I do have an extensive background in these events from bluewater to redfish tours.


Mississippi Big Game Fishing Club

New Orleans Big Game Fishing Club

Carl Legett tournament

Billfish Classic (top finish) 2007 3rd place Blue Marlin


IFA Redfish Series

HT Series Redfish Tour

Louisiana Saltwater Series

Although my partner and I never managed a win in a redfish tournament we had numerous top 10 finishes and a lot of top 5 finishes.

I now fish a few local tournaments each year when my guide schedule will allow. Over the past three years I have fished about ten tournaments and only placed below top 3 in two of those.

Fishing is now my career, throughout the year I run close to 200 charters and I host The Fisherman’s Guide television show. The Fisherman’s Guide runs for six months out of the year and airs on Cox Sports Television, Carbon TV, and WKRG.

In addition to guiding and TV I host and or participate in multiple seminars each year for the University of Southern Mississippi, The Biloxi Boat Show, CCA, and Ocean Marine Group.

As a guide and TV host I truly believe that the partnership between sponsor and professional angler has to be mutually beneficial for both or it works for neither! I try my best each year to fully represent each company with respect, dignity, and fairness. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to call me with any questions.

Current Sponsors:

National Pro Ambassador- Raymarine Electronics

Pro-Staff- Plano, Frabill, K-2 Coolers, Dexter-Russell, Parker Poles, Pure Fishing, Ocean Marine Group, Sport Trail Trailers, Reel Fun Enterprises, LLC, FishDFunk, Xtratuff

National Field Staff- Johnson Outdoors / Minn Kota, Heybo

Captain Ronnie Daniels

USCG 100 Ton Master Captain

Licensed Guide Mississippi and Louisiana



jimmy profile pic.jpg


I started fishing as soon as I could hold a rod and have never stopped. I fish Mississippi waters exclusively and committed to saltwater only 20 years ago. I target speckle trout and reds primarily but will catch about anything that swims in saltwater. My PB trout is a 28" 8 pounder and still looking to break the magic 30" mark. I fish approximately 150 days a year.



Well, I started my fishing career at a very young age. I was fishing with my Dad at age 4 and had mastered the infamous Zebco spincast by age 6. I always wanted to use the same kind reel as my Dad (the Ambassador) so at age 9, he sat me in the back yard on a 5 gal bucket with an Ambassador 5000C, tied a big plastic weight on the end of the line and had me casting to another 5 gal bucket. Needless to say, I am an "ACE" at removing a backlash from any type of reel. THANKS DAD!!!!! I have been a fisherman all my life. Mostly fishing Toledo Bend Lake, where we have had a camp since I was very young. Until recently, I had only fished for bass, bream and white perch.


In the past few years, I have become interested in fishing down south in the bays and marshes for redfish and speckled trout. We bagan our southern Louisiana fishing through a guide, Kris Herbert. I thoroughly enjoyed the hunt for reds and trout. Just recently, my husband, Joe B. Gossett, Jr., and I purchased a bayboat whereby we could fish on our own. We try diligently not to miss a weekend.


We also have recently reunited with some friends from high school, Mark and Libby Cartwright, and fish with them often. Through fishing with Mark and Libby, I have been introduced to an invention of Mark's called the Catcher's Mitt. At first, I thought that it was just like other gloves I had seen, which I have never worn gloves to take my fish off the hook, BUT this is not so!!!! Through my years of fishing with my Dad, I would come home with the ends of my fingers looking like they had been drug across sand paper, because when you catch that many bass, Ha Ha, they tend to eat the fingers up. My pants would be all nasty from wiping the slime off of my hands and then when you would have one that swallowed the hook, the hunt was on for the needlenose pliers.


A couple of weekends ago, Mark let me use one of his Catcher's Mitts that was a prototype. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT LIKE ALL THE OTHER GLOVES. I will not leave the dock without it!!! It is so complete and convenient. You have your towel, your Mitt and your needlenose right where you need them...ON YOUR WAIST. I have never been fishing, come home with my hands and clothes in the same condition they were in when I left and caught fish. Catcher's Mitt is an awesome fishing tool. There is no fear of your towel and mitt flying out of the boat and no having to hunt for your needlenose. Everything is attached to your person at all times. Unlike those gloves that stick on your belt with velcro, that invariably fly out of the boat, Catcher's Mitt is attached to a retractor by line and the needlenose are attached with a coiled bungee. As I said, I WILL NOT LEAVE THE DOCK WITHOUT IT!!! Although I fish every weekend, you would never know it by shaking my hand because I REMOVE MY FISH FROM THE HOOK USING MY CATCHER'S MITT. *********

josh w trout.jpg


Man, Myth, Legend.

gunnys profile pic.jpeg


     My name is Gunny and I have an addiction, Fishing. 

Live in Kiln,Ms since Katrina and love it because I’m near some of the worlds best fishing inshore there is within a short drive. Whether it’s for speckled trout, RedFish, or something else totally different, I want to be out there trying to catch them. 

      I’m an active member of CCA Mississippi Bay Chapter doing as much as possible to help in the Conservation of our Natural Resources. 

      Also a member of The South Mississippi Kayak Fishing Club since a new to me sport of kayak fishing has found its way to me. Kayak fishing to me is a challenging sport with great rewards to be achieved. 

      Tournament participation is becoming more and more since I’ve started kayak fishing where I feel there is more level field to participate in. Good results have happened with a trophy or two, but the new found friends has been the most important reward so far. 

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