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Catcher's Mitt: Mitt; The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts.

The Catcher's Mitt is made up of several quality parts. One of which is the Mitt. The mitt is the heart of the Catcher's Mitt. To quote a cliche, it is where the rubber meets the road. Almost literally!

The mitt starts out as a one finger poly-cotton shell, mitt. It is then coated on the inside with rubber and then dipped in rubber. When it is pulled out of the dip, it is sprayed with acid. This gives it the crinkled texture that gives it good gripping power.

God gave us ridges on on our hands and fingers to give us more gripping power. The mitt's crinkled finish is very similar to that. Below is a close up of the finish and you can see all the ridges.

It is a one finger mitt instead of a true mitt. Having one finger by itself gives you more dexerity than if it was a true mitten. It allows you to lip a fish more effeciently. It also lets you hold a catfish fin between the mitt and finger.

The cuff on the mitt has either a blue or pink trim. Under the trim, is a plastic coated wire. This wire gives the cuff more rigidity and keeps it open.

Below is a picture of finished blue trimmed mitts in a bin after they are completed.

We modify some of the mitts for our Surf & Kayak model. This model is for wet environments. Primarily surf fishing. It has grommets in the end to let water out that you may get it while wading. The weight of the water it a mitt with no grommets would pull the mitt down from the retractor.

The picture below shows that model. You can't see it, but there is a grommet in the thumb also.

The blue trimmed mitt is made on and extra large hand mold, so one size fits most. Being large and oversized lets your hand go in and out of the mitt easily. The pink trimmed mitt is made on a large hand mold. It is slightly smaller. For functionality, it is much better for it to be to big than too small.

Due to its construction, the mitt is cut and puncture resistant. It will protect your hand from most sticks and cuts. It is very durable and is easily cleaned.

Here is a picture of the "whole" thing. This is the Catcher's Mitt Pro model.

And here is a little video the Catcher's Mitt in action.

To order your Catcher's Mitt today go to

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