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Go ahead; fight your catch in the water. . . but bring it into the boat with ease!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

What if you could control your catch with ease from the moment it leaves the water until you’re ready to release or clean it?

With the Catcher’s Mitt®, you can do exactly that.

Imagine handling your catch without cuts, scrapes or slips.

The Catcher’s Mitt five-part design gives you the ability to accomplish that with ease.

The Mitt

The Catcher’s Mitt gives you flexible protection with the durable one finger mitt. The water-resistant mitt is coated inside and out with rubber to keep your hands clean and dry. The exterior is textured for a sure grip.

The Reel

The reel rotates 360 degrees and keeps the mitt up to the sheath. When you put your hand in the mitt and reach out, the reel keeps tension on the mitt thus keeping the oversize mitt snugly on your hand.

The Pliers

Pliers are constructed of coated steel to prevent rust, the pliers are durable and strong enough to extract the most difficult hook. They have a metal spring that keeps them open and helps keep them snug in the sheath. And the replaceable cutters will cut braided line.

The Sheath

Is cross draw and holds the pliers in place by friction. So there are no latches or snaps to slow you down. The durable plastic will not shrink or fade.

The Towel / Clothes Protector

Goes on and off easily with the hook and loop connections. It is two sided, vinyl on one and micro fiber cloth on the other. The vinyl keeps fish slime off your clothes. The micro fiber side is cool and allows you to dry your hands or anything else.

What if you never again had to bobble for the tools to stabilize your catch and remove the hook?

With the Catcher’s Mitt, the tools you need are always within easy reach -- together and at your fingertips.

Designed for fishermen by fishermen, the Catcher’s Mitt sheath has a J-clip that attaches comfortably to a belt or pants. Imagine having flexibility required to maintain dexterity, while still achieving the control and safety necessary to manipulate your catch and remove the hook. The mitt puts you in charge, while the handy pliers provide the means to remove the hook. And the angled, cross-draw design allows you to do this effortlessly with your dominate hand.

Perhaps best of all, the all-in-one Catcher’s Mitt is never out of reach... Ever!

Not only does the retractable cable prevent searching, bobbling or dropping while you handle your catch, but it also prevents loss in the water. So concentrate on the catch and enjoy the ride. You don’t have to worry about dropping your tools or if they will blow out of the boat.

Do you handle your catch, or do you allow your catch to handle you?

The all-in-one Catcher’s Mitt puts you in charge with speed, durability, flexibility and control. Every time.

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