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If they are not on their feet, they are hard to kill.

Hunting on King's Point last week with my best friend was a hoot. It is always great to get with Mark Thompson. We became friends when I moved to Alexandria in the 7th grade. We have been hunting and fishing together ever since.

The deer were scraping like crazy. When you see deer scraping under a vine that is hanging straight down from a limb high above............

scraping under a vine

and tearing it up around the cane.

But they were not seeking or chasing yet during the day. Most were nocturnal as seen below coming to the feeder.

as you can see from the time and the moon phase.........

and the moon wasn't even fricking up yet.

so basically that buck was traveling by star light because the moon didn't rise until 2:38 am.

So here are some deer hunting tips for you.

1- Deer can travel and feed by star light

2- If you want some success on nocturnal deer, a moon that is up during the day, and a cloudy night to keep them from feeding at night.

3- If you know they are seeking but you are not seeing them during day, hunt the morning of a full moon that is up high in the morning. Catch them coming back from hanging out too long before they head back to their bedding area.

If you are not fishing, you can hunt. In the meantime check out the website There are other good blog posts and you can check out the Catcher's Mitt and Tipster. Tipsters are great at the deer and duck camp to catch a mess of catfish. And the Catcher's Mitt is great for handling those catfish and I have used it to skin a deer.

Mark A. Cartwright

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