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The Best Pi(e) Day Post Ever.

When I was a young man I worked in grocery stores. I worked for my Brother-in-law at his Italian family's grocery store. It was in a poor part of town in Alexandria, Louisiana. When I was in my mid twenties I worked for Delchamp's Grocery store in Opelousas, Louisiana. Working in a grocery store is like a lot of jobs, it has a lot of routine, mundane things that have to get done. But it also has a lot of people. Meeting and interacting with the customers and helping them get the things they want and need is always rewarding and fun.

I just mention that so I can introduce you to one of those special customers, Mrs. Pie Hutchins. A sweetie pie if I ever met one. She would come into Delchamp's a couple of times a week and make everybody's day. She was a Cajun lady of the old school. She was in her mid-seventies with jet black hair fixed to a tee. And of course she had freshly applied red lip stick.

Many times she would bring in something she had baked or cooked to share with us. My favorite, that I would rave over, was her Sweet Potato pie. So sweet and creamy with a "icing" on top.

So with out further ado, her hand written recipe for Sweet Potato pie and Icing.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. The next recipe post will be Ms. Pie's Shrimp Dip.

Soft rides & hard strikes!!!


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