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The Sum is Greater than the Parts. The Mitt.

The mitt is the core of the Catcher's Mitt. It has a one finger design. A mitt is the easiest thing to get your hand in. Yet, it doesn't provide much dexterity. The one finger mitt gives you more dexterity to lip a fish, gill a fish or pick up a fillet, when cleaning fish. It also allows you to hold a catfish correctly.

The mitt is coated inside and out with rubber. This keeps the mitt from getting soiled and allows for easy clean up. The outer coating is treated with acid in the manufacturing process. That is what gives it the crinkled texture that gives it a sure grip. Under the blue trim is a plastic sleeved wire. This holds the opening in an oval to allow your hand to get in the mitt easier. Everything about the Catcher's Mitt is designed for ease of use so you can get your fish unhooked and your bait back in the water fast. Soft rides and hard strikes!

Mark A. Cartwright

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