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The Prospect comes with reel, mitt and pink towel. This is a lightweight model that can be used if you don't wear a belt or shorts without a waistband when fishing. Another reason you may opt for this model is if you like to wear a multi-tool while you are fishing. The Prospect is a perfect compliment to your favorite multi-tool. The Prospect is also great to use while you are cleaning you catch. It's also excellent at gripping oyster shells which is a great aid in shucking oysters. There is a good amount of cut resistance in the mitt, so if you cut your crabs before you start eating them, the Catcher's Mitt is great for that too!


SKU: 21A22110
  • Catcher's Mitt ® is the handiest tool you will have while fishing. It allows you to land, unhook, stow or release your catch in seconds. All while keeping your hands and clothes clean and dry. The durable mitt helps you grasp the fish and protects your hand form hooks, teeth and fins. Purchase as you would a baseball mitt.